Welcome to the new secret page of special tracks. Here lies old random recordings of nonsense, demo versions of our popular tracks, and even music that could reach a real album one day but is yet to be released on the main page. Many more tracks will be listed soon, this is only the beginning. Enjoy if you were able to find this page; there are a lot of great pieces to find on here...

BONE I added EVEN MORE shidt. Good luck!

153 - Mysterious track left from the dooster
Alpenheisten - Piano and drum only version
Arboretum - Guitar jam dooster
Baby Bitch - dooster solo playing a WEEN classic
Baggaboylenrox - Demo for a possible future release of the dooster
Bass Jam - dooster playing the bass
Blue Jay Way - dooster destroys The Beatles
Breakfast - Original vocals on this Psych track
Breeze Demo - Universal Breeze Machine demo ideas
Buckingham Green - THIS covers Ween
Cable 9 - New dooster track
Caring - dooster covers a Residents classic!
Caring Instro - In case you don't care for the vocals
Carnivorous Teeth - The shidt boys play a dooster classic
Chicken Dance - Polka the shidt way
Chicken Dance - dooster playing a classic
Christmastime is Here - Again, dooster with a Christmas classic
Chucky's Lament - Psychedelicopter making a song for a T.V. show... more on that later
Chugga Midi - What it should sound like
Chugga Chug - A track cut from dooster's Yonder album
Chugga Chug Fun - Different fun version
Clamshell - dooster song
Collecting Coins 2 - A conversation with a prominent coin collector
Death Egg Zone - dooster plays a track from Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Descendence - Yet another dooster track
Ditty - Another dooster goody
Double Whammy - special recording
Double Whammy - another version
Down to the Valley Piano - dooster song, piano only demo
Down to the Valley - More instruments in this possible working
Drawbar 5 - dooster plays an upbeat organ!
Dreaming of Me - shidt boys play the song pretty well
Dreaming of Me - dooster song, played solo acoustic
Dreaming of Me - dooster plays a bit of the song
Dreaming of Me (This) - THIS plays the dooster track, Dreaming of Me
Euphonia - THIS plays a song
Every Breath You Take - dooster's play on the famous Police track
Feel the Beat - THIS plays Feel the Beat
FM Mario - dooster plays around with the Mario theme
Freeze Demo - Another experiment from the Breeze Machine era
Fun Drum - Fun on the drums
Fun Jam - THIS plays a jam
Fun Time - THIS doing something
Get It Through Your Head - another dooster "throwaway"
Gideon - shidt boys play the dooster song
Gideon - THIS tries playing the dooster song
Gideon - THIS tries again
Gideon - dooster demo of Gideon
Girls of Porn - THIS jokes around, Mr. Bungle reference
Gleem - Demo of track from Yonder
Gordon's Grapes - New dooster song
Heirloom - Guitar only verison, dooster
Honey Graham Crack - Guitar only version, dooster
Honey Graham Crack - dooster with Mike Pursel drumming
How Many Problems?? - dooster tries to fix world problems but succeeds?
If You Dare - Piano work of dooster
I'll Do Anything - THIS tries out a song by member Star
Johnny Boy - THIS Johnny Cash riff
Joint - Drum track for collab idea
Kalamari Desert - dooster plaing the track from Mario Kart 64
Kazoom Drums - New shidt track drums early version - still working on this one
Knovember Knocturne - Leftover track from Songs for Acousticophobics
Knights in Persia - an old idea that could return?
Kryptonite - THIS plays that song
Loneliness - Another Residents cover by dooster
Loose Bowels - Unreleased Pi Needles track, probably for their next album
Majikul Kassels - THIS plays Majikul Kassels by dooster
Majikul Kassels - dooster plays his song (THE REAL DEAL)
Majikul Kassels - dooster plays again
Mellotron - THIS jams and messes around
Mesopotamia - Demo for dooster track, left out of Yonder
Moonlight Parade - Instrumental variant of the song
Moonlight Parade Live - Acoustic live performance by a special live duo
Motivation - Played by a special live duo
Motivation - Computer generated Motivation
Motivation - dooster variant
Motivation - THIS plays Motivation, song from Yonder
Motivation - Another variation, geez there is a lot of Motivation here
Movie Song - dooster's competition to Psychedelicopter's song, Chucky's Lament
Music Corner Song - dooster fucking around at work
Music Corner Song 2 - dooster fucking around at work some more
My Window - Special live duo performs a cover of The Residents
Name - A dooster mystery
Never a Dull Moment - Demo of a song written by Star
Never a Dull Moment - THIS plays the song
Never a Dull Moment - A live version with a very special guest!
National Archives - THIS variant of the song
National Archives - THIS plays it with a little speed
Live Concert of Nostalgist 05- 29-15 - Friend of shidt's band
Number 6 - Hanon cover by dooster
On the Way - Demo of dooster song
Origin - Anyone up for some S3&K?
Pumpkinman Part 3 - shidt version used in the music video
Pumpkinman Part 3 - dooster plays it with Mike Pursel
Pumpkinman Part 2 - THIS jams it for a bit
Pushing - A friend's song, featuring dooster on bass
Q - THIS plays Q?
Q (Original) - The Qriginal?
Rainbow Road - Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64 played by dooster
Grinch Ramblings - Christmas nonsense
Ride The Waves - One of dooster's first recordings! Anyone remember Myspace?
Sample - A sample of what?
Scotch - Scotch, a dooster thing
Seven Nation Army - THIS plays around yet again
Somewhere Out There - Another super early one from dooster
Song Test - dooster tester
Song - dooster goodness
Song for Remy - Track dedicated to a member of shidt's son by the dooster
Song for Remy Ideas - Ideas while coming up with song
Spread Those Shoes - There's lyrics to this one, I swear to you!
Squirtz - It Squirts Down My Pants... And Everywhere Else (lost but found lyrics to original Psych track
Station - Acoustic jamming two pals
Stumblebum - More dooster stuff
Sugar Foot - THIS plays new track
The Acoustiphobe - Can you guess what album this was cut from?
The Doctor is Brown - dooster track recorded for some fun
The Year After (1984) Original - In case you want to hear the vocals
Too Loud Loot Duo - Psychedelicopter, terrible absolutely terrible
UG - dooster dooster dooster
Use Somebody - THIS plays Kings
Wipe the Sweat - Two pals yet again awesome jam
Wipe the Sweat - This time it's a three-way!
Yet - dooster demo
Yet - THIS plays Yonder track, Yet.